How to get back on track

This applies for me, so take it as a grain of salt.

When your day isn’t going well, a bunch of things came up and you’re not getting what you want or needs to get done, here is the solution based on what I do.

  1. Shut off your phone (assume you don’t have a list of clients to call, if that is the case, close everything on your computer and just have your list to call)
  2. Close your door
  3. Get our a post-it note or index card and write out the 3 most important things.
  4. Don’t do anything else till the 3 things are done on that index card. If you have more than 3 things to do, you’ll remember them once you finish the first 3 and you can start from there.

This system works for me. Cut out the noise, cut everything out and just bury yourself in the tasks at hand. Like I said, it works for me, might not work for you. Modify it as needed.

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Why journaling solves most of lifes problems.

Ever feel like, you’re writing an email or a text to someone, explaining your problem and why you can’t fix it, but after you finished writing you realize, you answered yourself?

This happens more often than not.

I know a lot of people (me included at one point), that say, I give great advice but I’m horrible at giving myself the same advice.

The solution to all this is journaling. My journal is like the Swiss Army Knife to my life. I setup a 3 ring binder and it has my daily journal, weekly review, planning, riffing, goals and timelines. I can tell you what I did yesterday and 40 days ago. I can tell you where I’ll be in 90 days. Or 1 year.

The best part is, all the issues, and thoughts start in my journal. When I can’t figure something out, I just riff it out and eventually after enough writing, I find the answer. Boom! I’ll create a solution and go HAM.

There are great journals with templates all figured out on Amazon, I would recommend checking them out on there or make your own like I did. It’s the keys to the universe for life.

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Memento Mori

Latin for; an object such as a skull to remind you, that you will die.

Memento Mori is one of my favorite Latin theories that is more often referred to, remember you will die.

This goes back to yesterdays post on life being short.

I like it because it is the constant reminder that, tomorrow isn’t real. Only today is. To always try and make today the most important day.

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