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The death of Netflix

I believe we are about to see a major change in the streaming players. Netflix may actually take a large hit here soon, thanks to Disney. Disney is in the process of rolling out their own streaming platform.

This Forbes Site post is someone with similar thoughts as mine when it comes to Netflix and it’s future. His thought is Netflix has 175 days to make a major change or that’s it. I would agree, they have to make a major move or this is it.

By in large, Netflix is going to have a hard time competing. Disney has everything already in place. Great content, studios that produce hits, talented staff, and a massive user flowing. Not to mention all the kid content that will have parents signing up for Disney right off the bat, regardless of parents usage of Netflix or Disney+.

Should be an interesting year for the streaming world. It’s shocking to me it took Disney this long to get to market but better late then never. If Disney can pull it off, with all it’s content, not be too limiting, it will have a home run and put Netflix in a tricky spot. If they limit their content a lot, it will have a hard time gaining traction and Netflix will have more time to dominate the market.

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Why Netflix will eventually be bought up

I believe Netflix will eventually be purchased up. The competition is heating up and I think consumers like myself will eventually stop taking the $1-2 a month increases as time progresses.

Other reasons is that the content is getting rushed to Netflix and ideas are less than hashed out. Things like Black Summer, a show that is a knock of zombie show with less then thought out writing and more or less a constant short story attempting to always keep your attention. It doesn’t have much story to really stick to. Netflix in order to succeed in my opinion must deliver more home runs and less of the duds.

The shock and awe factor is getting annoying. All shows and platforms are doing it on some level. What do I mean by shock and awe? Shows with laugh tracks every 3-5 seconds which is most of prime time shows. Or in the case of Netflix and others, a sex scene 30 seconds into the first episode. It’s there to keep you interested in the show. It has no basis. Nothing built up to it. It’s just there and you as a human get drawn in. All these shows and networks are doing everything to keep you from looking at your phone because our level of attention has gone so far down, we may as well be no better than a goldfish. Once you see it, it gets really annoying and shows become unwatchable.

Before I drop the shock and awe factor, I reference the show, “Bonding” or “Sex Education” both shows put a funny light on things but at the end of the day, they are put into production because they are easy attention getters. They are doing everything to draw your attention and to me it’s gone too far. Creativity isn’t really there.

Not to mention the propaganda and idealism being pushed either by the actors, directors, writers, or Netflix itself. Everything has to be political apparently. I have a friend of mine, her father won’t any of his kids have a Netflix account because of how political it has become.

Finally the reason for Netflix to be purchased in the future, because Disney or one of the major cable providers (ahem, Comcast), have the cash, have the desire to own such a company, and it’s their only play to be competitive against Amazon. I believe it’s a matter of time.

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